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Infruition Classic

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A flavoured healthy glass water bottle with fruit infusing super powers? What's not to want!

The original, fruit-infusing water bottle, allows you to make beautiful-tasting fruit flavoured water with it's special chamber. (Which means you won't get fruit bits when you drink your water!). This bottle is perfect to keep by your side or on your desk - but quite honestly, not suitable to run with as it will feel quite heavy (due to the glass & when filled). If you were looking for a lighter, BPA plastic fruit infusing water bottle, head over to our best seller the Infruition Sport page here.

Fruit-infusing water has never looked so good! Choose one to accessorise your style and kick-start your healthy living goals. Plus don't forget, every purchase includes access to a FREE 28 day recipe plan - complete with a weekly ingredients list & approximate costs per bottle.

You can find out more about the benefits & features here.

Bottle Details
- Stain resistant materials
- Dishwasher safe glass bottle (chamber and caps to be hand washed)
- Leak proof silicone lid design
- Bottle capacity: 600ml