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Our Mission


Our mission at Infruition, is to help you increase your intake of water, while looking absolutely fantastic doing so.

You often fill your body with sugary alternatives or caffeinated drinks just because water is perceived as “plain”.

But with water contributing to over 65% of our bodies composition and the most likely cause of tiredness, headaches & overeating, it’s an essential duty we owe ourselves yet alone our bodies.

All this because water isn’t exciting enough?

Well, that ends now.

Here at Infruition we believe the simplest changes obtain the best outcomes. For that, we’re created a range of Infused Water products with a dedicated Fruit & Veg Chamber that fit around your busy lifestyle.

We experimented on 30 users & by simply adding fruit into their water, we were able to increase participants water intake by 92% over a period of 7 days. All we asked for was 5 minutes.

With these results, you can understand why the likes of Selfridges, Debenhams, Fenicks, Weightwatchers, Virgin & 100 more retailers have been extremely keen to partner with us.

Each one of our vessels are designed to ensure you drink more water. From portability to shareability, there is one for you.

Because we are big on ensuring you succeed, not only do you get a vessel, each purchase includes a 28 day recipe plan designed to keep your time & effort to a minimum and your outcomes to a maximum.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the revolution today and gift yourself the essence of life!


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