Benefits and Features – Infruition

Benefits and Features

leak proof


Your Michael Kors handbag stays dry. Your body stays hydrated. Our spill-proof design simply works.

bpa free

100% BPA-Free

Our bottles stop nasty toxins getting into your fresh, clean drinking water. Sip with peace of mind.

one refill for one day

Daily Doze

Refill once and you’ve easily consumed nearly 1.5l of fresh, naturally-flavoured water.

youthful skin

Youthful Skin

Water is vital for great health; it keeps your skin firm, fresh and youthful. It’s as simple as watering a plant.

zero toxins

Zero Toxins

Break your addiction to sugary drinks and the associated harmful caustic acids, teeth staining and dizzying headaches.

burn more calories

Burn Calories

Easily replace those high-calorie sodas and coffees you sneak in through the day with awesome-tasting, fruit-infused water. You could easily save up to 400 calories per day!

long lasting fashion accessory


Made from durable Tritan plastic Infruition won't fade, scuff or discolour with everyday use.

tech bottle image
Width: 75mm
Depth: 75mm
Height: 227mm
Bottle capacity: