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Infruition Sport

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The portable, easy and stylish way to make plain old, boring water taste amazing! Made from BPA-free plastic, simply add in your fruits to the special chamber and voila, you're good to go.

Trust us, the Infruition Sport is one fruit-infusing water bottle you won’t be leaving home without. Take it to the gym, use it at work - wherever you go. Plus don't forget, every purchase includes access to a FREE 28 day recipe plan - complete with a weekly ingredients list & approximate costs per bottle. Now there’s no need to waste money on sugar-laden drinks, this is the only DIY detox water you need! 

Find out more about the benefits & features here.

Bottle Details

- 100% BPA free plastic
- Dishwasher safe bottle (chamber and caps to be hand washed)
- Leak proof silicone lid design
- Bottle capacity: 700ml