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Why water can be your best friend this Winter

We know, we know - it's cold out and all you want to drink is tea and possibly wine. It's so much easier to hydrate in the summer, isn't it? That's because water is generally refreshing, and in the frosty months we don't want to be refreshed, we want to be soothed and warmed up. But it's so important to stay quenched in the festive season, trust us. Ok, you don't have to take our word for it - we've done some science-y research too.


  1. Water helps prevent dry skin, hair and nails

In the colder months, we artificially create a heated environment in our homes and usually our workplaces, too. We nip between these hotboxes exposing our skin to warm and cold air in quick succession, which can lead to dehydration and a dull complexion.  Keeping our fluid levels up will help to combat these drying, zapping effects and keep our cheeks lovely and rosy.

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  1. Water reduces the effects of too much partying

Now, while alternating your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water won’t eliminate the possibility of a hangover, it will certainly help to lessen the effects. Alcohol, as lovely as it is, can be full of toxins which your body battles to expel. Water flushes your system and dilutes the build-up of chemicals in your favourite tipple – you’ll probably spend an extra penny but save a few pounds when you realise that you don’t fancy that last glass of fizz after all.

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  1. Water helps you to self-regulate your appetite

It’s really easy to develop an extra layer in winter, as we’re inclined to exercise less and load up on warm comfort foods (aka stodge). Often, we mistake thirst for hunger, reaching for a mug of tea and stack of biscuits when actually, a glass of water would do the trick. Maintaining a consistent level of hydration helps us to assess whether we’re really hungry, and when we do eat, water helps the digestive process and makes it easier for our stomachs to break down food.

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  1. Water helps you to get the most from your work out

Feeling thirsty during your workout is actually a sign of poor preparation – you should aim to hydrate before, during and after you exercise to keep your body performing at maximum effort. When our bodies sweat, we release salt, which needs to be replaced. A low sodium level can cause our cells to expand, putting pressure on our vital organs, so it’s super important to make sure we’re topped up. Winter workouts can be less sweat-inducing, but water still plays a vital role in helping to move waste products out of the joints and from our muscles.

               Image: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/images/2015/ask-the-science-chick-should-i-drink-bcaas-graphics-4.jpg


  1. Water can act as a carrier for extra vitamins, minerals and electrolytes

Adding fruits, herbs and even vegetables to our water is a fantastically simple way to ingest extra goodies, as they’re released directly into the water. Many fruits are a great source of antioxidants and electrolytes, which our bodies need for cell regeneration and repair. Think of the body as an engine – it needs to be constantly fed with the right stuff in order for it to perform consistently. Something as simple as a handful of blueberries or a slice of grapefruit in your water can do wonders for your internal and external systems.

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