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When to drink your recommended 8 glasses of water a day

Ok, let’s assume that you don’t guzzle water in your sleep, and you’re typically awake for 15 hours per day. That’s easily enough time to knock back the recommended eight glasses! What a doddle. Except it isn’t, is it?


Most people don’t manage to consistently hit their healthy targets. Monday Motivation, Tuesday Temptation anyone? Life gets busy and it’s a challenge finding time to pause and refresh. But you know that fuggy, headachey feeling you get sometimes? That’s your body telling you that you’re already partly dehydrated. Oops.

Let’s see if we can thrash out a daily plan for you - with some  fruit infusions chucked in for good measure. If we're going to the effort of drinking water - we may as well make them a little more exciting...

7am - Wakey Wakey

Lukewarm water is known to rev your engine and get your metabolism going, so it’s the perfect morning tonic. Not the tastiest in its naked form… best to wang in a bit of lemon to add a zesty kick. This should, er, keep you nice and regular too.

8am - 9am - Commuter Chic

Resist the lure of the coffee bean – a dose of caffeine now will leave you flat when the effects wear off in an hour, and those syrups and creamy toppings will play havoc with your blood sugar. Instead, try some watermelon infused water as a refreshing rush hour fix. Buy a snazzy ceramic cup if you really want to, and sip it like it’s the hard stuff.

11am - Mid-morning Tongue Teaser

Yes, it’s too early for lunch. No, you don’t need that muffin, even if it’s bitesize. Alright, we get that you want something sweet to tide you over. How about some berry infused water? The antioxidants will go down a lot better than low grade chocolate chips!

1pm - Ding dong, lunchtime gong

Oh dear, big lunch? Green tea is what you need. A natural digestion booster, it helps to flush toxins through your system and reduce gas. No-one likes a windypops. A mug of this with an added slice of lemon will give you another hit of antioxidants to help revitalise you for the afternoon ahead.

3pm - Afternoon Snooze Banisher

Time for another cuppa. Why not give chamomile a go? It’s famous for its calming and soothing properties, so if you’re only part way through your daily to-do list, this will help to keep stress at bay and give you the oomph to soldier on.

5pm Home Again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig

Or perhaps you’re going out straight from work? Exciting! In any case, you need a bit of pep now as you start the endy bit of your day. Is there any nice fruit left in your lunch bag? Chop it up and add to your water bottle to see you off with a vitamin kick.

6pm-8pm - Hop to it gym bunny

Are you working out? Hopefully, you’ll be sweating out your day – and it’s important to ramp the lovely hydration up to replace what you’ve lost. Coconut water (still a thing, apparently!) contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of electrolytes, which are just good for you. Trust us.

10pm - Phone off, PJs on

Little bit new, but stick with it – how about a couple of drops of lavender oil in your bedtime glass of water? Or some seeds, if you happen to walk past a lavender bush on your way home. A famously sleep-inducing relaxant, this will help send you off to Bedfordshire without so much as a rogue sheep asking to be counted.

Literally the easiest thing ever, no? Keep it up all week and treat yourself to something pretty in your Friday lunch break. Or just tell us about it and we’ll give you a standing ovation.


Until next time... 

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