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The best times to drink water

It’s all very well that we’re constantly being told to drink more water – but there are certain times when doing so can make a big difference. Here, we mull over the best times to reach for a glass or two…


1.    First thing in the morning

A glass of lemon infused water first thing in the morning is known to cleanse you and start the body functioning. Imagine yourself just oiling the joints


2.    When you are hungry

When hunger pangs strike even though you may have eaten recently - chances are you are simply dehydrated and not hungry.


3.    About 30 mins before a main meal

Water is a good way to let your body know food is enroute. It wakens up the digestive enzymes (which will help with digestion) and also means you are unlikely to overeat.


4.    Before exercise

There is a myth (that still exists) whereby people drink fluids whilst exercising. This is not the worst thing you can do, however, being hydrated before-hand - will make you sweat when exercising, helping to maintain body temperature - so you won't overheat.


5.    When you have the lurgies

Very obvious - but when you are sick - you need water to help sweat & flush out germs from your body. We tend not to want fluids when ill - but it's critical you stay hydrated else you are likely to feel worse for longer. :s


6.    Before a hot bath

Baths are there to relax our muscles and soothe us of that there is no doubt. But you should make sure you are suitably hydrated - because, ironically, a bath can dehydrate you (sweat!) - so you could end up feeling worse when you get out of the tub!!


7.    In between alcoholic or sugary soft drinks

Actually - the common factors here are that caffeine and sugary drinks are very dehydrating. So, try and have a glass of water in-between rounds. It also means you are unlikely to get drunk too quickly.


8.    When you have issues with your urinary tract

Sorry to gross you out - but urine infections are painful - and whilst drinking water is the last thing you may want to do - it's the only way to accelerate getting rid of an infection naturally. Try Infusing water with cranberry, known to promote a good urinary tract.


9.    When you fly

Flying is a sure fire way to dehydrate you - making your skin (and eyes) dry. Top yourself up with lots of water, before, during and after to stay moisturised from within. Use some rich creams too to help keep skin supple from the outside too.


10.    Before heading to bed

Overnight - we lose water…. Through sweating, and usually emptying our bladders before bed. If you find yourself waking up at night to get water – it’s a sign you were not hydrated enough when you went to sleep.  To help get unbroken sleep, do yourself a favour and drink water about 30 mins before bed.

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