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Not naughty & Nice Festive Mocktail Infusions

We LOVE a cocktail here at Infruition. The problem we have is that they’re so tasty, it’s easy to drink them like they’ve never seen a snifter of alcohol. Here are our favourite saintly sippers that you can guzzle guilt-free…great for all you preggos or designated drivers out there attending those festive parties you plan to host.

1. Ginger Fizz

INGREDIENTS: 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, chopped. ½ lime. 150ml cranberry juice. 150ml ginger ale. 200ml spring water.

A classic on the mocktail circuit, this one – with every reason to be in pole position. Ginger cleanses the sinuses for those horrible wintry sniffles, while cranberry sets off the Christmas spirit and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Great for your waterworks, but glamorous with it.


2. Mistletoe Mystery

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 red apple, chopped. 10 juicy raisins. 1 cinnamon stick. 500ml apple juice.


Ok, we lied – there’s no mystery here. But that doesn’t stop this from being utterly delish. It’s basically apple pie in hydrate form – sweet and sour and spicy, and full of festivity. Apples are rammed full of dietary fibre to aid digestion and regulate bowel function. Cinnamon can help to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar, which is perfect for this time of year when we might have the contents of our advent calendar for breakfast and leave the porridge in the saucepan.

3. Santa Got Spice

INGREDIENTS: ½ pear, chopped. 1ch piece of ginger, sliced thinly.  1 red plum, chopped. 1 cinnamon stick.


This is a fiery little number, with a two-fold kick from the cinnamon and ginger. The delicate sweetness of the pear will undercut the spice, with the grapes adding a hint of bitterness to keep it all fresh and perky. Pears are full of antioxidants, dietary fibre and flavonoids to boost your immunity in the snowy season.


4. Saint’s Snowball

INGREDIENTS: 5 mint leaves, bruised. ½ green apple, chopped. 500ml coconut water.


This one is a like eating ice cream in December – a bit wrong, a bit shivery, but still delicious. Coconut water is renowned for delivering a compact burst of electrolytes, essential for cell repair and regeneration. Mint is a palette cleanser and sinus-soother, making this fusion a surprisingly refreshing treat.


5. Orange Odyssey

INGREDIENTS: 1 small orange, diced. ½ grapefruit, diced. Drizzle of honey. 5 cardamom pods.


This immediately evokes the scents of Christmas markets – sweet, smoky and rich with spice. Oranges are a fabulous source of vitamin C and B vitamins including B1, pantothenic acid and folate. Cardomom is related to ginger and helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys.


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