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Just how much sugar is in our top 10 list of favourite drinks?

Sugar. As addictive as cocaine – and nominated as the worst thing to affect the general health on a global scale. We’re pretty sure salt didn’t get this much flak when it was all over the news all those years back.


Before you get reading on the below…. We thought it best to tell you what the recommended daily amount of sugar is to maintain optimum levels of health. It’s 25 grams. Or 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.  That’s hardly anything….


1.      A small bottle of Lucozade = 15 teaspoons. THIS IS NOT GOOD.


Lucozade Bottle

2. Ribena – blackcurrant ready to drink = 12 teaspoons. THIS IS NOT GOOD. We are flabbergasted – especially since it seems like it’s targeted to kids. I’m upset since to read this. So much so – I’m going to see if what we’ve investigated is a mistake. [Nope – the information is as clear day on Ribena’s own website].


Ribena Bottle

3. Vodka & Cranberry = 7.5 teaspoons (That’s 25% MORE than the RDA


Vodka & Cranberry Juice


4.  Rum & Coke = 7 teaspoons (That’s 17% MORE than the RDA)


Rum & Coke


5. A can of coke = 7 teaspoons per can.


Can of Coke


6. Gin & Tonic = 4 teaspoons. (That’s 67% of the RDA)


 Gin & Tonic


7. A glass of milk = 4 teaspoons. This is lactose = IE: straight from a cow… so, there isn’t any added sugar = which is a good thing!

8. Shop bought flavoured water = 3 teaspoons PER portion. WHAT? This is ridiculous. Whilst we’re happy that there is a war on fizzy drinks – we find it baffling that drinks companies are playing on our intentions to want to be healthy by not being upfront about how much added sugar are in flavoured water drinks. Yes - it’s contained in the nutritional information box on the bottle labels – but who is going to read that when the packaging style shows fruits… Who wouldn’t be convinced it’s healthy.


 Flavoured Water



9. White Wine = 1.5 teaspoons (That’s 25% of the RDA – but, sweeter wines will of course have more!)


 Glass of White Wine


10. Red Wine = 0.25 teaspoons (That’s 4% of the RDA – seems like permission to finish a bottle!)


 A glass of red wine



11. Prosecco/Champagne = 0.25 teaspoons (That’s 4% of the RDA – seems like permission to finish a bottle!)


Glass of Prosecco


12.  Lager = Zero.


A pint of lager



13.  Glass of water = Zero.


A glass of water



Our advice – drink drinks in moderation – and – don’t be naïve about how much sugar you really are consuming. Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to ill health – and weight gain.

There are diet options of every drink out there – but sugar substitutes (like aspartame) still trick the mind it’s getting sugar – and there are many horror stories about the true impact it can have.

The other option is to create your own drinks. Good job you have products like our Infruition Fruit Infusing water bottles to help with the fight against sugar.









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