Infruition & Drop 4 Drop partner up to provide #cleanwaterforall

Infruition joins forces with Drop 4 Drop supports fresh water for all

Infruition launches partnership with Drop4Drop to support their global mission of #CleanWaterForAll.

The UN asserts that half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water-related diseases, which is no surprise when 663 million of the population still do not have access to clean water.​ Drop4Drop are championing change to reduce this figure and install clean water systems in the worst affected communities.

From 1st December 2016, Infruition, makers of fruit infusing water bottles sold worldwide,​ will donate £1 for each bottle sold via their website directly to Drop4Drop, who in turn will invest every single ​penny into their live projects worldwide.

Drop4Drop strive for community engagement and empowerment when delivering a project, which involves recruiting local labourers and dispensing a wide-reaching training programme to cover maintenance and hygiene education.

India and Africa are the most deprived areas that Drop4Drop have been prevalent in improving. In Uganda’s Mpigi District, Drop4Drop have installed numerous clean water community wells, which have dramatically reduced the need for women and children to walk miles each day to collect water. This means that women have more time for work within the community, and children are able to attend school. Each well has a plaque inscribed with “Drink Well Be Happy” which is such an important message to leave behind once work is complete.

The rationale behind our collaboration is simple - Infruition is perfectly placed to support Drop4Drop's mission and streamline this with our own objective to increase water intake, globally. Our business model is based on making water fun, but for it to be fun it needs to be accessible. If we want the beauty of water to be shared by all, then we have a responsibility to help eradicate the sanitation crisis.

Infruition will donate £1 for every water bottle sold onsite


Nitesh Sharoff, founder of Infruition, says: “Our brand is about helping people drink more water in a more enticing way, but I think it can be easy to forget just how privileged we are to have access to clean water in the first place.  If we want the basic right of water to be shared by all, then we have a collective responsibility to help eradicate the sanitation crisis. We're delighted to be partnering with Drop4Drop and sponsoring some great projects. It's great that our customers can also be a part of it all.”

Sam Pyant, from Drop4Drop is also excited about the partnership. “Clean water is a fundamental, yet often inaccessible, human right. We believe that access to clean water transforms lives, creates opportunities and lays the foundations to a brighter future. We’re really excited that Infruition are joining us in pioneering global change.”

Together, with our combined social reach, we can achieve #CleanWaterForAll right here, in this generation & for future generations alike.

You can contribute directly on the Drop 4 Drop website - or simply buy an Infruition water bottle online on this website - and Infruition will donate £1 directly to the charity.

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