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Fruit Puns to get you through Friday afternoon

It’s FriYAY! Here at Infruition we like to down tools at lunchtime and just surf the internet until 5pm - everyone knows that the weekend starts with the announcement of the sandwich van, right? Ok, in case our boss is reading this, we hardly ever do that.

But on the rare occasions that we do…here are some of our favourite fruity, watery memes.

Disclosure: Probably NSFW if you’re, you know, supposed to be doing W.
Yes yes, we're all very grapeful here at Infruition HQ!
You can always rely on the wonderful folks at The Body Shop to tell it like it is!
Oh - stop being so Melondramatic we say.
An Avocado a day - is costly! Why do they have to taste soooo nice.
Ha ha ha. Yes, we see what you did there.
Got to be the best ice-cube pun out there.
Ha ha ha ha....
Happy Friday.
Until next time.


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