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Easter Gift Guide

Now, if you’ve taken a stroll down any supermarket aisle since 1st February, you’ll have noticed the shelves heaving under the weight of chocolate. Specifically all of the chocolate, in all of the shiny packaging, screaming “buy me, eat me now!”.

But you know what? Easter doesn’t have to mean wall to wall chocolate excess. It is, after all, the start of spring – let’s spare a thought for that summer body we’re supposedly working on.

How about bucking the trend for hollow eggs and crispy shells, and gifting your beloveds with something outside the box? We’ve put together a little gift guide for you, because we’re nice like that.

  1. Reusable Bubble Bar – Lush

We LOVE Lush here at Infruition, and this resuable bath bar is gorgeous. It’s shaped like a bunch of carrots (bunnies eat carrots, boom for the Easter link) and it smells of Sicilian lemons and bergamot oil for an instant uplifting zing. It’s not a one-trick pony, either – let it dry out then use it again and again.


  1. Le Creuset Rainbow Egg Cups - Debenhams

These little babies will last a zillion times longer that the “medium egg and three treat-sized bars” you can pick up from the corner shop. Le Creuset are renowned for their functional and beautiful stoneware, and we’re all coveting their egg cup set. Easter Sunday brekkie presentation – sorted.


  1. Golden Egg Bath Bomb – Lush

At first glance, this looks a bit like a Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. But the actual magic here is in the shimmery, glittery bubbles that the bomb produces when you drop it into your Easter soak. With citrus oil and cocoa butter, it’ll leave you feeling super-soft and smelling faintly of a chocolate orange, with none of the red traffic light symbols on the nutrition label.


  1. The Family Combo Easter Egg – The Raw Chocolate Pie Company

Ok, you need to trust us before you click this link. Ok? Are you with us? This is an Easter egg, but not a chocolately one in the way you’d expect. One half of the shell is made of raw chocolate, and the other is raw fudge. Spilling out from within is a healthy mix of lovely fruits and nuts, so this is a fab choice for any health foodies. It’s presented beautifully and packs a massive punch on the nutrients front.


  1. Ford Farm Cheaster Egg – Iceland

Remember a few years ago when it suddenly became really cool to ditch the traditional wedding cake in favour of a 3-teired set of cheese wheels? Well kids, cheese has hit Easter. Oh yes. It’s cheese, Wensleydale in fact, shaped like an egg. There’s a teeny bit of raspberry and white chocolate too, for that sharp / sweet / salty mix. Probably won’t give you nightmares, because it’s just too cute.


  1. Gold Bike Helmet – Bobbin

Oh, now these are just inspired! Continuing the golden egg theme, don one of these for your commute to work and you’ll have the shiniest noggin in all the land. In a nice way. They’re to industry standard with an ABS shell so they do the same job as your average Joe helmet, but with a mirrored finish to set you apart from the Easter bunny.


 So there you have it – a few little ideas without an ounce of refined sugar in sight.

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