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Detox Health Beauty - Guest Blogger

Infruition Detox Water Bottles

We partnered with the lovely Detox Healthy Beauty Blog to review our new Infruition Home range. Here's what she had to say...

I love these water bottles and jug from Infruition, which aim to help you to increase your water intake, while looking fantastic doing so.... 😍

Water obviously helps to keep your body hydrated, which is important given that almost every cell needs water to function effectively. Still, lots of people aren't drinking enough and so it's important to find ways of ensuring that you have convenient water drinking tricks in place. I love flavouring water with fruit as it takes away the plain taste and does seem to encourage me to drink more. Being dehydrated is a likely cause of tiredness, headaches and overeating, so try and find the best ways to ensure that you drink plenty of water. 

Head on over to if you want a cheeky May discount code :)


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