Infruition's Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Father Christmas? Yo, Father Christmas. We’ve been awfully good here at Infruition Towers and we’ve put together a list of things we’d REALLY love to unwrap on Christmas morning. Pretty please.
Actually, this list isn’t just for us. There are some beauts here for all discerning, health conscious women – and everything is £25 or less. One for sister, one for me, one for friend, one for me…and so on. Happy shopping! (
  1. Infused Oils by Bloomtown Botanicals
We are big fans of infusions - something all very natural about it. These mini oil infuser oils are a great gift for him, her - in fact anyone. Choose from woody scents or something a little but more floral. Or - why not get them all given they are only £4.80 each!
Infused Oil
  1. Chocolate
We have 2 chocolate entries in this gift list guide - and who can blame us. Everyone loves chocolate - and these quirky bars from The Chocolate Library would make a great gift.
The Chocolate Library
  1. “Well Fit” Gym Bags from Hey! Holla
How cute are these slogan tote bags for the gym?! Do away with the relic backpack and get one of these in your life for that New Year’s fitness resolution. The natural, unbleached, undyed cotton is fairtrade and sourced from sustainable crops, and they’re plenty big enough for all of your kit and water bottle. Our favourite is the £20 “Drop it like a squat” tote with neon pink writing to really announce your arrival in the changing room!Gym tote bag
  1. Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine – Digital Edition
Om Magazine is devoted to helping its readers lead a richer, more fulfilling life, drawing on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga.  Every edition contains a mix of stories which help to nurture mental and spiritual well-being through practical and motivational tips. Inspire your inner yogi! £16.49 buys a 6 month digital subscription which can be accessed on a variety of platforms for you to read on the go. 
  1. Prosecco popcorn
It feels like this is the year of Prosecco everything. Find us a women that doesn't get excited by this popular sparkling wine. Well - things have got that little bit more exciting. The clever bods at Hearth & Heritage have got a plethora of gifts - all Prosecco flavoured/fragranced. Our favourite we hear you ask..... this scrumptious popcorn of course. 
Prosecco Popcorn
  1. Personalised Candles by Lolly Rocket
Sometimes, the best way to get the mind set on an healthy outlook is by creating a calm surrounding. What better way to do that than by candles... one can never have too many and we love the range by Lolly & Rocket - some of which you can personalise!
Personalised Candles
  1. Film Clapper board Lightbox by Locomocean
We’re in love with this retro film clipper lightbox that reminds us of bygone cinema days! You can create messages of love, inspiration or silliness and set the words off with soft, warm light. The box, £25, is battery powered making it portable. It's definitely something different we say.
  1. Reflexology Map Socks by ToeToe
These reflexology socks are £9.95 of sheer brilliance. Did you know that every pressure point on your foot relates to a different part of your body? Pop these socks on and teach yourself the ancient art of the targeted foot rub, to alleviate tension and drive away headaches, indigestion, and even toothache. They’re unisex too, so you can share them. You know, if you want to. But maybe wash them before you put them back on.
  1. Montezuma’s Christmas Chocolate Bar Library
If you’re going to eat chocolate (and it’s Christmas so we’re going to eat chocolate), then make it REALLY GOOD chocolate. This hamper includes 5 products from the range. Not only does this chocolate taste amazing, but they do a bit of good too. Montezuma’s have pledged to give £1 from the sale of every £14.99 stack directly to the Children on the Edge charity. With flavours including Cranberry & Orange and Butterscotch & Toffee, we challenge you to make these last until New Year.
  1. Infruition Mini Bottle
Well, how could we not include something from us! Our mini bottles are handbag-sized versions of our most popular model, the Infruition Sport. They come in gorgeous, eye-popping coral pink or mint green, and hold 450ml of your tasty infusion. Each bottle gives you access to a 28 day recipe plan, to help you find your favourite and get creative with your fruit. At £12.99, they’re the perfect stocking filler.

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