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A guide to Children's fruit & veg portion sizes

Individual mini fruits like grapes are easy to portion out

I've recently started weaning my youngest, Moo, and we've just emerged from a 'two bananas a day plus a lot of bread and not much else' phase. It made me realise that I ought to refresh my smudgy brain with how much fruit and veg she actually needs, and what a serving size is. I thought I’d share the love, as I can’t be the only one floundering in the dark.

A sort of happy catch-all guideline is that the size of your child’s closed fist denotes a portion. But you can’t be yanking your little one’s hand up onto the kitchen counter every time you prepare a meal or snack, so I’ve put together some examples. These should help you to shoehorn in the daily allowance without too much guesswork.

Your fist size can be used to denote what one portion of fruit is for you.


Find your child’s age range below, choose one item from each box (or combine a couple to provide the same amount), and there you go. Easy peasy.

Children aged 2-4: 3 tbsp of fruit and 3 tbsp of veggies

Fruit & veg portions for children aged 2-4


Children aged 4-8: 4 tbsp of fruit and 4 tbsp of veggies

Fruit portions for children aged 4 to 8


Children aged 9-13: 6 tbsp of fruit and 8 tbsp of veggies (9 tbsp of veggies for boys)

Recommended fruit portions for children aged 9 to 13



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