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8 ways drinking fruit infused water can make you look younger

Water is fantastic for maintaining good health. It aids digestion, helps us cleanse, detox and curb our appetite.  And whilst that should be motivation enough to get everyone drinking the good stuff from our taps, sometimes it’s the visual results that is the key to motivation.  So, if you want to keep yourself looking young and fresh, read how water can help: 


1. Drinking water promotes skin circulation

Is flaky, dry skin annoying you? Water – as you full well know – helps keep skin intact, blemish free, plumped and smooth, helping make-up glide on better and sit well on the face.   The same goes for lips (which can end up with lines as wrinkly as grandma’s hands), but by drinking more water your lips should plump up naturally, giving you that perfect pout.


2. Water flushes out toxins

Fact. Unfortunately, one way for toxins to escape the body is via spots on the skin (caused by the over production of sebum). We’ll be really honest here – this perk takes a while to come to fruition. You need to let those toxins out… but how great will you feel when they’re gone once and for all?!  Cranberry & Orange are great to fight radicals – so spruce up your water with these flavoursome fruits.


3. Boost metabolism

Okay, this one compliments number 2 above very well… Why? Well, the more hydrated you are, the more energy you can expel, the more you sweat, and the more you get those toxins out of your body!


4. Decrease bloating & water retention

It seems contradictory that drinking more water can reduce bloating, but it actually makes you flush more water out.  And did you know that water retention isn’t just prevalent in the abdominal area… it’s retained in your fingers, ankles, legs and FACE.   EEEK!  At least by drinking more water you can give the appearance of losing weight without actually have to put on those trainers.  


5. Keep your teeth strong

This is a great one and it really makes sense. Drinking water regularly during the day WILL stop you from consuming fizzy, sugar laden drinks which not only break down the enamel of your teeth, but also discolours them. (How many of you are reading this with a can of fizz in your hand?! And you know what they say – a smile is the most natural & beautiful thing you can wear.


6. Erase those fine lines

Do you sometimes find that your make-up, particularly concealer under the eyes, looks caked on – or creased because of wrinkles? Well this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve aged overnight, but is a sign of dehydration. Drink some water and you’ll find this is one of the first things you will notice has improved. Go on – dare you!


7. Not drinking enough water can cause a loss in collagen elasticity

And this weakens the shape and muscles of the face. So you if you are wondering why skin is dragging southwards – now you know.  Water by itself can’t reverse this, but it can stop the downward spiral in its tracks.

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