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5 Life Hacks to Help Increase Water Intake

You’ll find some people in life who are so good at maintaining their water intake….  And then there are those of us who need a few reminders to drink at all! Fret not – we are here to help with some life hacks from around the office!


1. Add time labels to your bottle

Perhaps not the full 24hr clock, but maybe your working day

 Add time milestones to your bottle


2. Make your water bottle look as exciting as you can

Plain old water bottles are just not inviting. And when you leave water overnight and get that ‘sweat’ look in your bottle, well it’s never going to be appealing to drink after that! Instead – invest in a bottle that looks snazzy enough for people to pass by and make comments… When that happens – you’ll be reminded to keep drinking and won’t be inclined to reach for anything else!



3. Flavour it

We get it, water can taste a bit boring sometimes.  One way to spruce up the taste is to add some natural flavours. Why not try one of our favourite combos- strawberry & mint? Head over to the Infruition recipes section for more fruit flavour combinations. 


4. Sweat more

Sometimes we need to lose water to naturally crave it more and replenish our hydration levels. So rather than trying to convince yourself you fancy some – get your body to convince you. What better way to do that than work up a sweat?! (This is a life hack right?!).


Get sweating to feel thirsty


5. Use a straw

Jazz up your water bottle with some fancy straws and keep changing them throughout the day!  Not only will it help keep you engaged with your bottle, it will also help you finish it so much quicker.


Use straws to drink water.

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