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5 Fruit Infusing Drinks to keep Bloating at Bay

Bloating occurs when the body has retained too much salt and so to protect the body from dehydrating. (We all know salt has that effect!) and can affect to the body inwardly and outwardly. Outwardly – your stomach, your face, ankles and fingers can all retain water when you are bloated -  giving off the appearance that you are carrying more weight than you actually are. Inwardly – it can make you feel gassy – and just generally uncomfortable. 
Amazingly – although it seems contradictory – drinking water can help reduce the bloat entirely – and some fruits can maximise the effect of drinking water. Below are our top 5 recommendations.
1) Lemon infused Water
Lemon helps so many ailments, so it’s no surprise if can help with relieving that bloated feeling. Aim for 2-4 glasses a day, and if possible, infuse into luke warm water. This acts as a very mild laxative.
Lemon infused water
2) Green Tea infused Water
Green tea is best known for its anti-oxidant qualities – so good for helping you feel refreshed and revitalised. Much like black tea and coffee – Green Tea also acts as a diuretic – flushing out access water from your system – so perfect for getting rid of the bloat. Aim for 4-5 cups a day.
Green Tea Infused water
3) Watermelon
Juicy fruits will always have a high water content – which is great. Watemelon also contains potassium, and in combination with sodium – helps to control bloating. As a bonus, the high amounts of vitamins and essential fats are great for fighting aging skin.
Watermelon Infused Water to keep bloating at bay
4) Pineapple
Not wanting to get all scientific, but Pineapples contain the great digestive enzyme Bromelin – whocj helps to break down complex proteins – removing the discomfort of that bloating feeling (and constipation if you really wanted to know!)
Pineapple Infused Water
5) Cucumber
Cucumbers are so versatile – and their high vitamin C content prevents excessive water retention… so that’s one type of bloated feeling we can fix!
Cucumber Infused Water
View more fruit infusing recipes – to help with bloating, detoxing and maintaining general health. And if you have your own - let us know!
Love, G. xx

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