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5 Benefits of drinking water that you might not know

Everyone knows the basic benefits of drinking water – that a lack of it might be telling your brain you’re hungry when in fact you might just be dehydrated! However, these five habit-changing facts may have passed you by:

1) Creases under the eye - These don’t necessarily mean you are aging, it could actually be a sign that you’re dehydrated. Keeping hydrated throughout the day could remove these, making your face and skin feel plumper and smoother (which also helps when putting on make-up, see point 5!).

2) Digestion – Are things simply not moving along like they should?! Regularly drinking water keeps the colon healthy and working like clock-work, so you can wave goodbye to bloating and that uncomfortable feeling.

3) Concentration – There have been plenty of studies that have shown water helps with productivity & concentration. So it’s worthwhile always keeping a bottle on your desk when you’ve got lots to do in the office.

4) Headaches & Migraines – Headaches are clearly linked to dehydration and water can not only help as a treatment to make them disappear – but also prevent them entirely! Did you know our brains are 85% water? So when this drops – we’re simply asking for trouble.

5) Make-up sits better on the face – When you really think about it - this makes sense. When you don't drink water, your skin (especially on the face) is dehydrated resulting in flaky, dry skin. This makes it hard for your skin to absorb products (like creams) and looking uneven. It's recommended that we drink 8 glasses a day, and it might be a week before you really start feeling and seeing the effects to your skin. So - this, coupled with exfoliating deadly skin cells of your face - will certainly help make-up sit well on the skin, looking smoother, and lasting longer. Hoo-rah.

So, it feels like water is more powerful than we may never have realised - especially in keeping every-day issues at bay. It can be pretty boring, so why not fruit infuse your water to jazz things up a little. Let us know some unknown ways how maintaining your water in-take helps you.

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