Rose Petal & Vanilla Water Infrusion Recipe – Infruition

Rose Petal & Vanilla

INGREDIENTS: 4-5 rose petals, 1 vanilla pod, water

BOTTLES: 2 (the vanilla pod can go more bottles - but you may simply have to add in a fresh batch of petals!)

COST:  About 23p a bottle

METHOD: Make sure you lightly wash your rose petals before adding them into your fruit chamber. It's optional to chop them - but this will intensify the flavour. Snap and drop inyour vanilla pod (do not open fully) before screwing into your water filled bottle. You don't need to leave this to infuse for too long - the subtle flavour 

Rosewater is so popular as an infusion and best known for it's anti-inflammatory properties making it powerful in reducing redness, acne and other skin damage. Infused with vanilla means you won't feel like you are drinking a plant. It lends a subtle sweet flavour - so if you want a little kick of sharpness, we recommend adding in a slice of lime.


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