Raspberry & Rosemary – Infruition

Raspberry & Rosemary

INGREDIENTS: 6-8 Raspberries, one spring of rosemary.

BOTTLES: 3 bottles

COST:  About 22p a bottle

METHOD: This simply couldn't be easier. Drop your raspberries into your fruit infusing chamber and add your sprig of rosemary. TIP: The taste may be led by the rosemary, but you'll find that by your 2nd or 3rd bottle, the raspberries really start coming through. Why not leave your water to infuse for about an hour first if you'd rather wait for the flavour to balance.

Raspberries are packed with antioxidants - so great for those of you trying to maintain a youthful complexion.  Fruit infused with rosemary, and you will also benefit from a herb that aids detoxing and helping you stay alert.


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