Pineapple, Grape & Orange Fruit Infusion Recipe - by Infruition

Pineapple, Grape & Orange

INGREDIENTS: 1 pineapple ring, 1/2 orange, 5 grapes


METHOD: Dice your pineapple ring and orange into bitesized pieces, small enough to fit into your chamber. Halve your grapes and mix with the other fruits before adding into your fruit chamber . Then simply screwn into your Infruition water bottle. (Tip: We recommend not keeping the orange peel as after a while - this can release some bitterness which the other fruits can't overpower... you've been warned).

Oh yes! You might think this combination of fruits is a bit odd, however, we assure you that its amazing and it lends a nice tropical taste sensation.

Pineapples are said to help through immune system support, bone strength, eye health and many more things.Oranges also have a lot to be proud about. Most notably the vitamins they contain (A, B and C). Grapes are know for their anti-oxidant properties - and helps take down the acidity in this concoction down a notch!


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