Peach Bellini Mocktail Infusion - by Infruition

Peach Bellini Mocktail

Peach Bellini infused Mocktail drink


INGREDIENTS: 1 peach, peeled and chopped into chunks. 1tsp of honey & sparkling water.

METHOD:  Add the diced up, peeled peach into a small bowl and coat with honey. Feel free to add a smidgen of warm water to loosen the honey so it covers all peach pieces. Then simply infuse in sparkling water. This combination works best with about 10-15 minutes worth of infusing.

This infusion is great to make up in a large batch. One portion above works for about 500ml of water, so you can calculate quantities needed as desired. This drink is great to serve as an alternative to the Champagne version - and tastes equally as luxurious. Serve in a champagne flute for ultimate glamour.

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