Orange and Star Anis Water Infusion - by Infruition

Orange and Star Anis

INGREDIENTS: 1 Star Anise, 1/2 an orange


METHOD: Place the star anise and a few of your orange slices into your fruit chamber. Then simply screw into your Infrutiion water bottle.

This is a recipe that has definitely got some fall vibes to it!

The star anise in this recipe, although it boasts of multiple health benefits, the one that stands out to us here at infruition is the antioxidant properties.

Oranges as we all know, because our mothers reminded us almost daily – or maybe just my mum – boasts of being an excellent source of vitamin C. What some of us might not know is that they also are a good source of some of the B vitamins and vitamin A as well.

We know you can’t go wrong with this mix!


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