Mint, BlackBerry & Coconut water infusion - by Infruition

Mint, BlackBerry & Coconut water

INGREDIENTS: 5 Blackberries, 1 spring of mint, 250ml of coconut water (per fruit infusion bottle you want)


COST:  About £1.10 a bottle (Coconut water can be expensive)

METHOD: This is the easiest infusion of them all. Simply add your blackberries and mint leaves into your fruit chamber and screw into your Infruition bottle, which should have your coconut water & be topped up with water. Simple.

Coconut water is brilliant at accelerating you hydration and that's why it's so popular with Bikram Yogi's. It can be expensive, so mixing it up with water can make a little go a long way - it complements the flavour of blackberries and mint so well. It's in our top 5 fruit infusions here at Infruition HQ.


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