Malibu Collider Mocktail – Infruition

Malibu Collider Mocktail

Malibu Mocktail


INGREDIENTS: 250ml coconut water, 250ml soda water, 500ml of water, 10 chunks of fresh pineapple

METHOD: Drop your pineapple chunks into your Infruition Jug chamber. Add the coconut water and top up with soda water/plain tap water into the jug vessel, for a fizzy, Caribbean-esque little tongue teaser. Leave to infuse and pour into chilled cocktail glasses. (If you have extra pineapple, why not add to the sides of glasses for an extra bit of glam)

This mocktail will get people second guessing if it does include some Malibu - but it definitely does not. For a take on Pina Colada, swap the coconut water for coconut milk.

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