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Jamie Oliver's classic Mojito


INGREDIENTS: 1 think slices of lime, lime juice, lime zest, 10 mint leaves,  1tsp of honey, 50ml of white rum, chilled tonic water, crushed ice

BOTTLES: 1 (definitely one for sharing!)

COST:  About £1.35 a bottle

METHOD: In a glass, add your slice of lime cut into 4 pieces, together with the mint leaves. Crush together gently before adding to your chamber. Drizzle a tsp of honey over this before screwing the chamber to the lid. In your water bottle, add your crushed ice (about a 1/4 of the way up), the 50ml of rum, and top with tonic water. Screw in your infuser chamber, shake, and it's ready to drink straightway. Re-use the fruit filled chamber up to 4 times.


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