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Ginger & Pear Infusion

INGREDIENTS: A thumb-size amount of ginger - sliced, 1 split vanilla pod, a tiny pinch of saffron, 1 clove, fennel seeds, 1 glass of water, 1 glass of apple juice, pomegranate seeds, and 3 pineapple chucks  


COST:  About £1.87 a bottle

METHOD: Jamie has gone all out and made an epic infuser recipe. So. we've  tweaked the portions and method to work in with your fruit infusing water bottle!  We've suggested quantities above for one chamberful. In a bowl add in your sliced ginger, seeds from a split vanilla pod, a pinch of saffron, an uncrushed clove, fennel seeds, pomegranate seeds and 3 pineapple chunks. Mix together and add to your infuser. Your water bottle should be a mix of half water, and half apple juice. Stir before you screw in your infuser. You can drink straightaway since sipping on this drink will alter the flavour throughout the day when you top up with water/apple juice!

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