Ginger & Mango Medley Infusion - by Infruition

Ginger & Mango Medley

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 inch cubed of root ginger, 1/2 a mango, still water


COST:  About 30p a bottle

METHOD: Slice your root ginger (your don't need to peel it, but you will get a strongerflavour if you do.) and dice your mango (again, you don't need to peel it) before adding to your Infruition fruit chamber. Then simply screw into your water filled bottle. We'd recommend infusing for at least an hour, to dilute the strong flavour of ginger with the sweetness of mango.

This amazing fruit infusing mix boasts of multiple weight loss benefits as well as health ones. Not only does it boost your metabolism but ginger is deemed a natural pain reliever, helping from migraines to period cramps(!!!). It can also help with reducing morning or travel sickness and soothes heart burn! It works perfectly with Mango, which dulls the fiery kick of ginger whilst being packed full of nutrients, including helping to clear skin. LOVE!

PRO TIP: If you do want to peel your ginger, you can do that with a SPOON!


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