Coriander & Orange Infused Water - by Infruition

Coriander & Orange

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 orange, a sprig of coriander


COST:  About 12p a bottle

METHOD: Slice your oranges into bite size chunks and add to your fruit chamber. Then simply add a stalk of coriander. Screw into your water filled bottle. The longer you leave to infuse in a chilled fridge - the more the flavour of the orange seeps through - which we recommend as the smell and taste of the coriander is quite strong.

If you fancy something a little different to spruce up your water - adding herbs is a great idea. Coriander not only tastes great - it is a wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium too. It's strong flavour works well mixed with citrus fruits to calm it down.


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