Coconut, Lime & Mint – Infruition

Coconut, Lime & Mint

INGREDIENTS: a small handful of coconut pieces,  1/2 lime. 1 spring of mint

BOTTLES: 1-2 (possibly more if you drink fast and like a subtle flavour!)

COST:  About 36p a bottle (Coconut can be expensive - but a little goes a long way and thankfully you can buy them in packets) 

METHOD: Add your pieces of coconut into your Infruition fruit chamber together with your lime and sprig of mint. Then simply screw into your water bottle. Let the combination infuse for at least 30 mins - but not to worry if you want to sup straight away - it might just be that the mint is the strongest flavour on your first sip.

Coconut is known to help accelerate hydration over just plain water - and it's qualities also mean that it's great for moisterising & clearing blemishes from your skin from within. The lime and mint add a refreshing spin on this fruit infusion.

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