Chilli, Cucumber & Lime Fruit Infusion Recipe - by Infruition

Chilli, Cucumber & Lime

INGREDIENTS: 1/3 cucumber, 1/2 lime, 1 jalopeno pepper


COST:  About 33p a bottle

METHOD: We recommend mixing the ingredients into a small bowl before adding to your fruit chamber. Simple slice/chop all ingredients into bitesize pieces - or small enough to fit into your fruit chamber. De-seed the jalopeno so you don't get seeds in your mouth - but if you want to keep them in, then slice the pepper into medaliions to that they stay stuck to the internal skin, (See image above)

The lime and pepper in this concoction lend an acidic, fizzy feel to this drink, with the cucumber helping to calm things down. This drink is best served chilled overnight so ensure the pepper flavour is drinkable whilst it aids in boosting your metabolic rates.


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