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Apple, Pear, Honey & Cinnamon

Apple, Pear, Cinnamon Infused Water


INGREDIENTS: 1/2 apple chopped, 1/2 pear chopped,1 tbsp honey, 1 cinnamon Stick 

Cost per bottle:  35p (the cinnamon stick bumps this one up a little)

METHOD: Mix the fruit together and tip into the chamber, and poke the cinnamon stick around to make a well in the centre of the fruit. Drizzle the honey over the fruit, it will seep out of the chamber but this is the effect we’re after. Screw the chamber to the lid and top up with water.

Honey is a perfect cheat to add a hint of caramel sweetness to any infusion, and it can have a medicinal effect on sore throats. Cinnamon levels out blood sugar and is a great anti-oxidant, too.

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