An Apple, Lime & Basil green infusion - by Infruition

An Apple, Lime & Basil green infusion

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 apple, 1/2 lime, 1 small sprig of basil


COST:  About 17p a bottle

METHOD: Slice your apple and lime into medallions, and half again to fit into your Infruition chamber. Crush your basil leaves add in, and then simply screw into your water filled bottle. The basil and lime are pretty string in flavour, so it's best to leave to infuse (overnight) in the fridge if you have time to allow the subtlety of the apple to come through.

Just by the different shades of green, it's easy to see this in a super healthy fruit (and herb) infusion. This concoction is super refreshing, great as a digestive aid, and is known for helping with reducing stress. (Who wouldn't want that!). 


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