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Infruition Classic

A flavoured healthy glass water bottle with fruit infusing super powers? What's not to want!


The original, fruit-infusing water bottle, allows you to make beautiful-tasting detox water to drink at home or for taking anywhere in complete style.

Fruit-infusing water has never looked so good, especially as it’s available in four absolutely stunning colour choices of green, yellow, red and blue. Choose one to accessorise your style and kick-start your healthy living goals.

Infruition bottles are so easy to use - FIND OUT HOW TO USE THEM HERE.

Bottle Details
- Stain resistant materials
- Dishwasher safe glass bottle (chamber and caps to be hand washed)
- Leak proof silicone lid design
- Bottle capacity: 600ml
- Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 8.75"