Infruition Spares & Consumables - Lids

Infruition Sport Lids

Regular price £7.99

We get it, sometimes things go wrong. But just a little bit. So, we now sell consumables for you to purchase rather than having to buy a whole new Infruition water bottle. You can buy different coloured lids (this page), spare chambers and bottle stoppers. (For the stoppers - we price these at £0.00 and just request a small contribution towards p&p)

Please note, the prices for these are 'at cost' - and we don't add any profit margin to them. It's more important to us that you are able to continue to use your Infruition water bottle rather than it becoming redundant for you. :s

Simply select which colour lid for you want for either the Infruition Mini, Kids or Sports water bottles.